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8.15.13 - Gil will be appearing at Pensacola Para Con this weekend!

7.18.13 - New appearance added to Gil’s schedule!

Gil’s back in New England for the Biggest Show in the Smallest State - 

                              RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON
                              Rhode Island Convention Center
                                   November 2-3, 2013
7.11.13 - Back at DRAGON*CON for the FOURTH year - 

   MATCH GAME in the 25th CENTURY hosted by GIL GERARD

Gil won’t be in the Walk of Fame this Labor Day weekend, but be sure to catch him hosting our favorite game show Sat Aug 30 at 5:30 pm!
5.30.13 - 2 new appearances added!  Go to the SCHEDULE page for more information!

Pensacola Para Con - August 17-18 2013 & Albuquerque Comic Con - January 11-12 2014Schedule.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
5.16.13 - Website Updates:  
~ New appearance added!  Gil will be appearing at Twisted Terror Con on March 29 & 30 2014!
4.8.2013 - New appearance for Gil -  SOUTHCOAST TOY AND COMIC SHOW in Fairhaven MA 5/19/13!http://www.southcoasttoyandcomic.comshapeimage_7_link_0
3.09.13             “THE CON” NOW AVAILABLE 
                      FOR PRE-ORDER!!! 
 “THE CON” is now in the Autograph Store for pre-order.  Cost is $30 USD plus S&H.  
 Pre-orders will ship March 20th.Posters_and_DVDs.htmlPosters_and_DVDs.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
3.06.13 - “THE CON” page added.  Check for updates and availability of Gil’s new comic book!!  The front cover is complete and ready for viewing! The_Con.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
2.21.12 - Here is a preview of the cover for Gil’s comic book 
to be debuted at MEGACON this year!!

Written by Jeffery Kaufman, drawn by Rob Doria, and starring Gil!  The book is set at the MEGACON convention and will be available in the Dealer’s Room from Gil and Jeff.  You can read more about it at Gil’s FACEBOOK page or at “THE CON” on Facebook and, of course, we will bring you more details 
as we get them!Schedule.htmlSchedule.html
12.31.12 - Gil will be in Texas this weekend!!
4.8.2013 - Second new appearance for Gil - Gil will be at the SPACE CITY CON in Houston TX August 2-4 2013!http://spacecitycon.comshapeimage_12_link_0
Check back soon for pics! 

 MATCH GAME at DRAGON*CON is better than _________!

Join Gil and a panel of his friends as they fill in the blanks!  Gil hosts this sci-fi twist on an old favorite where fans chosen from the audience try and match answers with the celebrity 

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                                                                                        Gil Gerard


               IN THE 25th CENTURY


From Gil’s Facebook Page:

“I've had to bow out of the Pensacola Para Con due to illness. I came down with a severe cold and cough about three AM Thursday and it's gotten steadily worse since then. I was really looking forward to attending the Con there and attempted making the drive but had to turn back in the end, I was just too sick. I'll miss visiting with all of you fans who were coming to see me and hope to attend next year.”
8.1.13 - Gil is in Houston for an event-filled week, culminating in his appearance at SPACE CITY CON

   Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of the unveiling of the restored GALILEO shuttlecraft from Star Trek: The Original Series!! Gil was on hand with Sylvester McCoy, Jason Carter, Tracey Scoggins, Don Marshall, Robert Picardo and the man responsible for restoring the original prop, Adam Schneider.

Pictures are in the Gallery and has a news story for more info!

And don’t forget SPACE CITY CON starts Friday @ NOON!!Schedule.htmlGallery/Pages/Space_City_Con.html
5.30.13 - A four minute teaser and an extended scene of Gil’s STAR TREK PHASE II: KITUMBA is available HERE. Gil plays Admiral Jack Sheehan in the fan-produced episode of the legendary original program.

Website Updates: Three new galleries added:
~ Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A few of Gil’s pictures from the series with more to come!
~ Battle of the Network Stars - Mostly candid photos from the specials
~ New York Portfolio - Gil’s first professional portfolio from his early days in New York
4.30.13 - Website Updates:  
~ New galleries:  Buck Rogers Begins - 3 photosGallery/Pages/Buck_Rogers_Begins_1.htmlshapeimage_34_link_0
4.14.13 - Website Updates:  
~ New gallery: SCUBA WORLD and Diving
~ Added photos to existing galleries: Not Just Another Affair, BR Little Rock Premier,
    E.A.R.T.H.Force & Stormin’ HomeGallery/Pages/SCUBA_WORLD_and_Diving.htmlshapeimage_35_link_0

Please Note:  Mr. Gerard is unable to respond to autograph requests sent to his contact address.  Autographs are available

for purchase through the Autograph Store.  Items sent to Mr. Gerard at his contact address will be returned at his discretion

if proper postage has been provided.  Please check with the post office for proper postage.


3.13.2013 - Just a reminder that Gil will appearing at MEGACON THIS WEEKEND!  He will be debuting his new book “THE CON” at BOOTH #215 in the Publishers area.http://www.megaconvention.comshapeimage_36_link_0
3.05.13 - Website Updates:  Airport ’77 and Sidekicks galleries have new pictures in them; and two new galleries have been added - Killing Stone and Hawaii 5-0 “The Ninth Step”.Gallery/Pages/Killing_Stone.htmlGallery/Pages/Hawaii_5-0_The_Ninth_Step.htmlshapeimage_37_link_0shapeimage_37_link_1
2.23.2013 - New blog posted:  The Congress We DeserveBlog/Entries/2013/2/23_The_Congress_We_Deserve.htmlshapeimage_38_link_0
2.06.2013 - Gil was named as the spokesman for the National Association For Legal Gun Defense and he is in Fort Worth filming for the national campaign.   

Gil will also be appearing this weekend in Irving, Texas at  SCI-FI EXPO Feb 9-10
1.15.2013 - Gil has announced appearances at 3 conventions for the first of the year:
March 15-17:  MEGACON 

You can check out the SCHEDULE page for all the details. At MEGACON Gil will be appearing with Jeff Kaufman in his booth in the Dealer’s Room.

Added two galleries - I DO! I DO! which was an early dinner theatre performance in Philadelphia and Buck Rogers Movie Lobby Cards from Spain.

The SITENEWS page is defunct - all announcements and news will appear here in the future.Schedule.htmlSchedule.htmlSchedule.htmlSchedule.htmlGallery/Pages/I_Do,_I_Do.htmlGallery/Pages/BR_LOBBY_CARDS_-_SPAIN.htmlGallery/Pages/BR_LOBBY_CARDS_-_SPAIN.htmlshapeimage_40_link_0shapeimage_40_link_1shapeimage_40_link_2shapeimage_40_link_3shapeimage_40_link_4shapeimage_40_link_5shapeimage_40_link_6
9.1.13 - New Appearance added to Gil’s schedule!  Those of you around Columbus GA in October can see Gil at Columbus State University’s Coca-Cola Space Science Center.  Check out Gil’s Facebook page and the schedule page for more information.                              
01.23.14 - Be sure to stop by the Guestbook or Gil’s Facebook page to wish him a Happy Birthday today!!!                      
01.31.14 - Gil will be judging the costume contest at DRAGON*CON Night at MEDIEVAL TIMES  in Atlanta GA!
02.9.14 - Gil will be appearing in Knoxville!
3.11.14 - Added Gil’s new mug to the Autograph Store.  See it here.    
          Added Gil’s new T-shirt to Autograph Store.  See it here.                      Mugs.htmlApparel.htmlshapeimage_45_link_0shapeimage_45_link_1